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our journey
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Our Journey

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Natalie Coughlin Hall

Natalie is most known for her athletic successes after earning 12 Olympic medals for USA Swimming. Throughout her professional athletic career, Natalie has maintained a love for food and wine. She grew up just outside Napa Valley and has always had an interest in the wine industry. As she transitions into the next phase, she has turned this love into her next career.


Natalie has been learning winemaking under Shaina’s wing over the last several years of Gaderian Wines. Her cookbook "Cook To Thrive," published by Clarkson Potter and Editor’s Pick at Amazon, can be purchased here. Be sure to follow @GaderianWines on Instagram for #PerfectPairings, where Natalie pairs Gaderian wines with delicious meals.

Shaina Harding


Shaina is a Florida transplant who misses the beach, but wouldn't trade her vines for the world. She is a graduate of the UC Davis Viticulture & Enology Program who has been living and making wine in the Napa Valley since 2008. She has had the great fortune of being able to work with many of Napa's most creative and influential winemakers as well as touch all of their grapes. She loves being among the vines and working in the vineyards, but her heart lies in the cellar, gently guiding her wines from juice and must to bottled joy.

Gaderian is a wine that we hope you drink with your friends and family around the table, the fire-pit, the picnic blanket, or the living room, and just enjoy a glass of wine while being together. "I love making amazing Napa Valley Wines, but I wanted to make something directly from my heart. I wanted something that was different, exciting, and full of love. So, I decided to start Gaderian with a long-time friend and fellow wine lover. I wanted to make something that we would both love to drink and share when we gathered with friends and loved ones." 

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our vineyards
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Our Vineyards

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Henry Ranch Vineyard

History: This Old Vine Chenin Blanc Vineyard was planted on the Eastern Hills of the Napa Valley over 50 years ago. There are only 7 acres of Chenin Blanc planted in Napa and we are lucky enough to partner with grower Josh Anstey to create an amazingly rich and complex Chenin blanc that is truly part of Napa history.

Terrior: The soil at Henry Ranch is a combination of volcanic soil, and clay with a thin layer of alluvial sediment on the surface. Full morning sun on this site allows for even ripening throughout the Chenin block. This vineyard gives us beautiful rich tropical notes, and bright acid balance. We are beyond lucky to be working with this fruit which we feel is the best Chenin Blanc vineyard in all of California.

Orchard Avenue Vineyard

The Orchard Avenue Merlot vineyard is nestled on the valley floor at the base of the Mayacamas mountains. Gaderian gets our Merlot from Block 1. The Orchard Avenue Vineyard boasts rich alluvial soils and a more mild climate. There is plenty of sun exposure as well as nutrient dense soils made possible by the historic flooding and receding of the Napa River in this area. These vineyard conditions are perfect for dark ripe Merlot with vibrant fruit character.

Sunset Knoll Vineyard

Terroir: Located within the Carneros region of Napa Valley, Sunset Knoll benefits from the cooling effects of the Pacific Ocean and San Pablo Bay. A continuous sea breeze creates a unique microclimate that produces tightly structured Pinot noir grapes with crisp acidity and spicy berry notes.

Bynoe Vineyard

This small hillside vineyard in the St. Helena AVA was planted in 2003. All vines are planted to clone 169 Cabernet Sauvignon which is known for low yield and high quality fruit. The vineyard is currently in transition meaning the vines are being farmed organically but have not yet been certified. Grapevines have eastern-facing sun exposure and are planted in rich volcanic soils with excellent hillside drainage.

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