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This site is intended for individuals of legal drinking age. Please enjoy our wines responsibly.

Refunds on a per case basis: please contact us if dissatisfied in any way with our wines.

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Crushing and destemming began September 13. We picked the grapes by hand under the cover of darkness so as to preserve the fruit's natural acidity. The must was cold soaked for 4 days before we gradually began fermentation.



Interns were forced to do punch downs every two hours around the clock. This ensured that they were properly sleep deprived and miserable. It helped build the character of the interns and added a bit of character to the wine as well.


Tasting Notes 

What can I say? It tastes like Pinot Noir. What more do you want? A diatribe about effervescent fruit and baking spice aromas bursting from the glass? What about a gratuitous description of how the tannins feel like the worn out velvet of my grandmother's Victorian era sofa? They do by the way.



In case you haven't gotten the memo, Pinot Noir is just as age-worthy as Cab. The fact that certain Pinot Noirs go flat a year after harvest should not reflect poorly on the entire variety. You know who you are! Somebody get this lady a glass of 2007 La Tache. That oughta hit the spot after a glutenous Wednesday brunch. 


$45 per bottle 

$486 per case

2018 Sunset Knoll Pinot Noir


Fruit picked by hand on October 8th.


Each berry was peeled by hand and squeezed between the index and forefinger of our right hands to make sure it is our left-brain being activated during pressing. We fermented in neutral oak barrels that once held the same varietal as the "Judgement of Paris" 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay. This wine developed complexity over a slow six-week ferment and then completed secondary fermentation just in time for Christmas. Aged on the lees and bottled unfiltered she is a real gem.

Tasting Notes 

Oooh girl! You've got to get you some of this! It tastes like a creamsicle melted in your mouth. A very soft and supple mouthfeel with whatever your personal favorite fruit is riding the mid-pallet hard. With a melt in your mouth ice cream finish. It will be so Chard not to drink the whole bottle in one sitting, so you may as well. Drink summer 2019 till 2029.

Paring Suggestions 

Any recipe from Cook to Thrive available on Amazon and www.nataliecoughlin.com 

$32 per bottle

$345.60 per case

2018 Invisible Vineyard Chardonnay


Fruit picked by hand on August 31st



Whole cluster gentle pressing. We squished those grapes like an auntie on fat babies' cheeks. This wine was barrel fermented in once and twice used French Oak barrels, délestaged for 3 months, and spent its life aging on the lees. 


Tasting Notes 

It tastes like Chenin Blanc damn it. Hey, that's actually a catchy slogan. It's a dry, deeply rich Chenin with refreshing notes of pineapple, guava, and lemon curd complemented by mouthwatering acidity. 


Paring Suggestions 

Bocce snacks, baby lettuces, baby crabs, baby carrots, baby back ribs, baby corn (just kidding no wine pairs with baby corn!), baby bell cheese, pizzas of all sorts, makes for great eternal summer snacking, and awkward wedding reception hors d'oeuvres. 

$29 per bottle

$313.20 per case

2018 Henry Ranch Chenin Blanc


Fruit picked by hand on September 13.



Our Rosé spent 6 hours in contact with Pinot Noir skins before being saignéed. We stayed late after all other fruit was processed and drank beer while transferring our delicious pink juice into stainless steel drums for fermentation. We added dry ice pellets to the drums for a mock-cold settling, but mostly because it looks cool when the foggy CO2 comes billowing out of the drums. We fermented it cool for 21 days and transferred the wine to neutral barrels where it rested until we put it in the bottle!


Tasting Notes 

This vibrant Rosé of Pinot Noir is ripe with passion fruit and nectarine bliss. It is crisp and dry; full of citrus and tropical fruit notes. "Literally the best Rosé I've Ever Tasted"- Robert Parker....... No, no, not THE Robert Parker, but a Robert Parker that I used to go to school with. He's a really nice guy. Loves the Rosé!



Drink me now. I taste fresh and fabulous!


$26 per bottle

$280.80 per case

2019 Rosé of Pinot Noir